Black Friday Haul

It’s not really a haul, but I want to share what I got. 


Black Friday is always hectic. The thought of shopping when everyone else is makes me sick. I can’t stand shopping at a crowded mall, so I have always avoided going out on Black Friday. I would much rather shop online because it beats the lines. Urban-Planet was having a pre-Black Friday sale online. I couldn’t help myself to get a couple of things from my Christmas wish list.

This year, however, was different because my boyfriend & I had the day off. I waited until Black Friday to shop for a new phone because there was bound to be a good deal. I also needed to get a gift for Kris Kringle.

Best Buy had a pretty good deal for the iPhone 6s. I’ve had my eye on the rose gold since it was released. We were there for an hour. After that, we took a break. We were getting hungry, so we sat down & ate burgers from Big Smoke. Getting Starbucks is always a must. I also picked up a protective case & screen protector for my phone.

Here’s what I bought:

Sherpa Waterfall Coat


High Ankle Booties


eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm


NYX Lip Lingerie – Lace Detail

Black Friday shopping was a success.


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