Newest Bathing Suits


Now that it’s finally summer, I was browsing around for a new bathing suit. I wanted to get a different colour other than a typical black bathing suit & a different style.


High Neck Strappy Bathing Suit Top: Urban-Planet
Classic High Waisted Bathing Suit Bottoms: Urban-Planet

Colourblock Bikini Top: Ardene
High Waisted Pattern Bikini Bottoms: Urban-Planet

I bought these bathing suits a few weeks ago. I really like the detail around the neckline. I usually don’t buy colour except for pink, but I think this colour is perfect for summer. Also, I think the top goes perfectly with the black high waisted bottoms.

I’ve had the black colourblock bikini top since last year, but never wore it. I bought another high waisted bottom in a different pattern. I think the high waisted bottoms suit me better than a natural waist bottom. It hides my stomach fat & makes me look slimmer. I also think the top goes really well with the bottom.

You can never have too many bathing suits. I can’t wait to wear these to the beach.


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