Catching Up

Last night, Dennis & Adrian met up with me after I finished work. We hung out for a bit to catch up before we went home. I felt like having a drink. We went to a bar called Firkin. It seemed sketchy because it was in a basement, but it was a nice, quiet & classy bar. I ordered a Gin & Tonic & a poutine. Dennis & Adrian ordered a Scotch & Soda.


I was craving a Gin & Tonic. It was made to perfection. I think this is my new favourite drink.


The poutine was actually pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of gravy, but it was good. It was served on a pan. It was different.

While we were eating & having our drinks, we were talking & catching up. It’s been forever since we saw Adrian. We realized how late it was getting, so we paid & got ready to head home. We didn’t want to miss our train. Adrian offered to drop me home. That was nice of him. I got home at 2am. I was so tired. I went straight to bed.

Even though the 3 of us hung out for a short period of time, it was nice seeing Adrian. I had a good time. Dennis & I should definitely go back, just the 2 of us.


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