Netflix & Chill

Happy Valentine’s Day ~ !

Our original plan was to go bowling. Unfortunately, our plan changed. I would’ve liked to go bowling, but I didn’t think it was a good day to go out. We decided to stay in & watch a movie.

Dennis picked me up & we went to Metro. We picked up potatoes wedges & red velvet cupcakes.


We went to my Dennis’s house & opened our gifts. He bought me the Pop! Disney: Ariel figurine. He went to 7 different stores to find it. It shows how determined he was. Apparently it’s a popular figurine. We both loved our gifts. I asked my boyfriend to get me something to eat because I was hungry. While we were eating, we were catching up with YouTube videos. & then we were deciding on which movie to watch. Dennis suggested to watch Inside Out. It’s an animated Pixar movie. It was interesting & really funny.


After we finished watching the movie, we cuddled for a bit. We were thinking about what we should do next. Earlier Dennis said he started a blog, so I wanted to check it out. It looks cool. Better than mine that’s for sure. & then we heard his sister, brother-in-law & nephew come over. His nephew wanted to say hi to me, so he brought him to the room. He left & comes back with a huge bag of Popcorners & was sharing with us. We were just watching his nephew for a bit. After they left, we ended the day by playing Little Big Planet 3.


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